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Vol:05 No.3  7/22/2011  Honarary President Kerri Zhou Interview By Spotlight Newsmagazine

There are many areas for Investment 

Ms.Kerri Zhou. Honorary President of Korea International Chamber of Commerce (KICC) are recently in Nepal to explore the possibility for the investment in tourism sector in Nepal. Zhou spoke to New Spotlight about her visit. 

Have you visited Nepal before?

This is my first visit to Nepal. I think Nepal is a very friendly and beautiful country. Kathmandu is naturally beautiful. If Nepal maintains law and order, the country can lure a lot of tourists. Country’s natural environment is attractive. 

What is the impression about Nepal?

There are lots of areas where we can work with the Nepalese. This country is very friendly and I have a lot of friends. KICC has been looking for very basic investments in this agricultural country. 

What plans do you have in Nepal?

In the near future, KICC may also bring some investors in Nepal to explore the possibility to invest in the agriculture sector. The Minister of Agriculture said they welcomed us. Nepal has geographical advantages. It can improve and increase its production, provided improvements in the related sectors. 

How do you see other sector?

Provided good policies, Nepal does not need to worry about the foreign direct investment in many sector.

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